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Tokujin Yoshioka X LG

Today we present you the installation S.F_SENSES OF FUTURE . A collaboration between Tokujin Yoshioka and the giant of the technology LG.

The japanese designer is known for his techniques experimental including natural environment and complexity human senses. The result is amazing!

 A part of the exhibition proclaims a message of hope for the future resting on a commonplace object of the everyday life the SF CHAIR.

These chairs works with the OLED technology by LG offering to the visitors a front futuristic taste in a spirit Science fiction. So seventeen SF chair, were exposed,each of a thickness of 15mm only. With this collaboration LG and Tokujin Yoshioka shows their optimism to the humanity through this spectacular experiment between light and objects of every day.


the Other attraction of the exhibition is the Wall of Sun,a wall of 16 meters completely covered with module of lighting OLED. The peculiarity of this wall of light is the mystic and undulatory slow movement of the offering lightings with which a warm, soothing effect of my same way with which the reflections of the sun shines on the earth.

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