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Jellyfish vase by NENDO

It was important before drafting no anything that every reader views at first the video of the magnificent installation of the studio Nendo. That to say... Nendo has still struck!


Nendo is a group of designers and Japanese architects created in 2002 by Oki Sato. Nendo means "Plasticine" in Japanese and retranscribes the desire to be able to reinvent permanently, in a kind of elation, as a child's game.

The collective works in all the fields of design;  industrial, internal, graphic and movable design.

This to create a mixture and create a story through these various corporate associations.


Nendo's style is characterized by minimal, simple forms, appropriate to the vision of Japanese traditional design. However the Japanese minimal style exactly tends to be can be too "minimalist and cold. This is the way Nendo shows us the opposite with quite a different state of mind by presenting works passing on of heat and feelings.


The installation "Jellyfish vase" Presented on April 4th, 2017 to the design Milan week represents vases floating in a big aquarium as jellyfishes. 30 vases of various sizes are placed in an aquarium filled with water in which the moderate way. Vases are made from ultra thin transparent silicon, dyed twice to give an impression that what floats is only a silhouette of gradual colors.


Vases which float as jellyfishes in the water. 30 vases of various sizes were placed in a 1800 mm aquarium filled with water and the strength and the direction of the stream are carefully adjusted so as to wave in a moderate way. Vases are made from ultrafine transparent silicon which was twice dyed to give the impression that what floats in the water is only a gradual silhouette of colors.


The design was to redefine the conventional roles of the flower, the water and the vase by returning the discreet water, with a set of flowers and a set of vases floating inside the filled water, to show simply flowers in a vase filled with water. The idea behind this project was to redefine the function of the vase, the water and the flower. A diversion quite smoothly and in poetry.


Thank you Nendo

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