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 8th to 12th SEPTEMBER 2017

The lounge Maison&objet made its big comeback in this September, the opportunity to discover all the new trends this season.


I present you a small ranking of the artists and the designer whom I adored.

#4 The "Moodies" by Clodine Gouriou 

Lines and sober tints, and a work on the texture for unique pieces and hand-made objects of the everyday life in stoneware and china. 2017: Sculptures "Moodiies": of "Mood", the Humor.

Quiet presence and soothing look.

Original and sober forms which will bring a funny touch to any shelf!

#3 The teddy bear chairs by AP COLLECTION

AP collection aims at create a link between design and the intrinsic value of our customers, their peculiarity. "Live in the style and the comfort". We find design of today too identical, directed to the mass production. Oscar Wilde said: "Be yourself talks everyone else is taken".

#2 The "botanic" vases by PAOLA.C

It is a collection of glass vase borosilicate blown which remind the botanical structures of flowers. A collection quite in elegance and modernity.

#1 The interactive experiment by TEAMLAB

The first, Teamlab, this ccollective from Japan makes discover to the visitors emo-sensory experiment unique. I discovered the work of teamlab two years ago during maison&objet edition on 2015, and I can only be admiring of the fantastic artistic work of these artists of the sound and the light, an art of poetry which will know how to make you travel through time and space.

The light is thrown on  walls, tables, water and even in your cup of tea! On the photo below, the light interacts with the movements of the body and gives the effect of a bright ballet in the water.

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