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Hitomi Sato X Sense of field

"When I see the "sparkling" of the light, multiples picturet of natural light come to me. For example, the undulations on the surface of the water, the beam of the sun through tree , beams crossing clouds, reflections on the glazing … The "sparkling" of light makes me feel that it is a natural light even if it is artificial. I would like to express the unity of the sparkling of our body in this work."



"Through this experience your body is wrapped in the sparkling of the light. There are uncountable transparent stalk on the walls. It is sparkling hair that a creature covers."

"The light prominence is reflected and enlight . The lawn of light gives a sense of touch. With the reflection there is a strange illusion to various angles and places. The gold of the morning sun, the red of twilight, the dark blue of the evening sky."

"Keep looking for a moment, and the internal memories of our body are called back. The sensation of winds, shocks, scent. The internal world and the outside nature sound.  It is not only a visual experience but also a sense of touch. You will obtain the total, temporal, spatial sensory experience."

Hitomi Sato

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