Hiroto Yoshizoe X PIXEL

Hiroto yoshizoe is a big winner of the Milan design week on 2017 in April. This year the theme proposed in the convergent was "YET" the philosophy hiding behind this word is rather simple. The philosophy YET is the fusion of apparently incompatible, compatible elements. the idea of " the harmonization without concession " to arrive at a breaking point beyond imagination.


Pixel is a device based on a configuration of cubes which fit into the others. With a shadow and lighting effect.

The internal reflection gives squares shape, pixelated. The result is amazing and give a magic visual effect.


Mentored by Snarkitecture during the realization of the project, Hiroto Yoshizoe calls back with the PIXEL project, that without technology nor electricity, our environment is able, to amaze us in the most simplest and humble way.


Thanks to Hiroto Yoshizoe for this attractive project

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