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For his its 20 years Colette decided to organize a huge " Beach party " at the center of the capital. Indeed, last month Colette called on to artists to celebrate the twentieth birthday. Which of better than SNARKITECTURE to organize the party!

Snarkitecture is a collaborative partnership of three friends Daniel Arsham visual artist, Alex Mustonen architect by training as well as Ben Porto, which also joined them in 2014 architect, specialized in the hotel high-end design, the residences and the skyscrapers.


Based in New York Snarkitecture create artistic installations all over the world. Often very minimalist and working in monochromatic in many of their realizations, Snarkitecture collaborated with various brands ; Calvin Klein, Valextra...


This installation baptized THE BEACH was not born in Paris, indeed Snarkiteckture had already presented this installation the first time in National museum high rise of Washington in 2015, then afterward in Florida in Amalie Arena as well as in courtesy of the Vinik Family Foundation.


According to Alex Mustonen The idea behind this project was to create an experience of sharing with friends,  family and  close friends. 


Successful bet! The Museum of arts déco in paris was swarming with people, children, parents , couples... everybody was in !


An artistic event which made bubbles and noise!


Bravo to Colette and Snarkitecture.

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