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A "spectacular" christmas at Galeries Lafayette....

Once again this year, the Galeries Lafayette are full of excitement, with a  crazy theme assumed and totally successful inspired by childish magic. The traditional "Christmas tree" has been replaced by a huge inflatable balloon tree, giant treats of all kinds, donuts, sweets, stars, all kinds and all colors. All overflowing with a multitude of inflatable balloon as a decoration. Indeed, this year's Christmas takes place at the fair, the carnival of Galeries Lafayette!

And that's not all! To throw the festivities galleries lafayette invited one prestigious guest who is the one and only Beth Ditto. The famous interpreter of the title Heavy cross ". A very theatrical perfect ambassadress sticking perfectly with this very festive, colored and naïve theme this year. Beth Ditto set on fire  galleries with a performance overflowing with energy of which to delight youngs and olders

Always to perfect the customer experience, Galeries lafayette set up as every year several animation within the department store, pop corn machines, tattoo animations, presents and purchase vouchers to be won. As well as a novelty in the era of the new technologies and in the trend of the interactive experience. Galeries lafayette installed a simulator compound of 6 armchairs having each their clean movements offering an ever seen realism.

In this experience immersive, is added a return ambisonic and spatialized of the sound, the unique technique with regard to the majority of the attractions which use only of the stereo sound. Connected ventilators allow to restore the impression of speed and so to deceive the ear interns of the user to strengthen this impression of realism. Of what to reproduce in a almost perfect way, the real movements and the sensations of a real one RollerCoaster!

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